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pdf Azolla as a substitute for N-fertilizer.pdf 314.78 KB
pdf Azolla as a superorganism.pdf 1.85 MB
wmv Azolla cultivation I.wmv 3.89 MB
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pdf Azolla domestication towards a biobased economy? Brower et al (2014).pdf 1.69 MB
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pdf Azolla, a review of its biology and utilization.pdf 1.74 MB
pdf Azolla, a sustainable feed for livestock.pdf 366.47 KB
pdf Azolla, BMAA, and Neurodegenerative Diseases.pdf 50.85 KB
pdf b-N-Methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA) uptake by the aquatic macrophyte Ceratophyllum demersum, M. Esterhuizen et al (2011).pdf 239.35 KB
pdf Bio fertilizer germ plasm collection at IRRI.pdf 4.37 MB
pdf Biotechnology and food production.pdf 2.56 MB
pdf Can We Understand Evolution Withou Symbiogenesis, Francisco Carrapico (2015).pdf 625.06 KB
pdf Co-occurrence of the Cyanotoxins BMAA, DABA and Anatoxin-a in Nebraska Reservoirs, Fish, and Aquatic Plants.pdf 451.21 KB
pdf Coeval Eocene blooms of the freshwater fern Azolla in and around Arctic and Nordic seas, Barke et (2012).pdf 2.87 MB
pdf Comparison of soil and nutrient-based medium for azolla cultures.pdf 305.39 KB
pdf Diversity and Host Specificity of Azolla Cyanobionts. Papaefthimiou et al (2008).pdf 327.41 KB
pdf Don't judge species on their origins.pdf 1.12 MB
pdf Eating up the earth.pdf 829.37 KB
pdf Eocene Azolla blooms.pdf 2.87 MB
pdf FAO Azolla.pdf 166.04 KB
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pdf Floating aquatic macrophytes.pdf 166.04 KB
pdf Historical perspectives on Azolla.pdf 3.2 MB
pdf How symbiogenic is evolution.pdf 185.08 KB
pdf Integrating fish and azolla into rice-duck farming in Asia.pdf 1.26 MB
pdf Managing Azolla in farm dams.pdf 94 KB
pdf Mosquito ferns - tiny super plants.pdf 2.73 MB
pdf Nutritive value of Azolla.pdf 651.95 KB
pdf Nutritive value of azolla.pdf 651.95 KB
pdf On-site resources availability for space agriculture on mars.pdf 1.36 MB
pdf One bird, ten thousand treasures.pdf 71.53 KB
pdf Phosphorous requirements of Azolla.pdf 331.12 KB
pdf Response of Azolla to high temperature stress.pdf 164.67 KB
pdf Space Agriculture on Mars (2009).pdf 1.37 MB
pdf Spirulina, food for the universe.pdf 2.35 MB
pdf The Arctic Azolla Event.pdf 461.46 KB
pdf The Azolla story.pdf 582 KB
pdf The symbiotic phenomenon in the evolutive context, Francisco Carrapico.pdf 153.6 KB
pdf Use of Azolla as a test organism in growth chambers.pdf 704.79 KB
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